Selected Publications from 2011

Maiano, C., Therme, P., Mestre, D.R. (2011). Affective, anxiety and behavioral effects of an aversive stimulation during a simulated navigation task within a virtual environment: a pilot study. Computers in Human Behavior, 27, 169-175.

Mestre, D.R., Maiano, C., Dagonneau, V. & Mercier, C. (2011). Does Virtual Reality Enhance Exercise Performance, Enjoyment and Dissociation? An Exploratory Study on a Stationary Bike Apparatus, Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments, 20, 1-14.

Authié, C, A & Mestre, D.R. (2011). Optokinetic nystagmus is elicited by curvilinear optic flow during high speed curve driving. Vision research, 51, 1791-1800.

Dang, N & Mestre, D.R. (2011). Effects of Menu Orientation on Pointing Behavior in Virtual Environments. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 6773, 144-153.

Mestre, D.R., Ewald, M. & Maiano, C. (2011). Virtual Reality and exercise: Behavioral and Psychological effects of Visual feedback. Annual review of Cybertherapy and telemedicine, proceedings of Cybertherapy 2011, Gatineau, 19-22 juin 2011, pp. 122-127.

Clarac, F. & Mestre, D.R. (2011). La réalité virtuelle en neurobiologie humaine : Un outil pour les neurosciences. In J. Briffaut (Ed.), Univers virtuels et environnements collaboratifs. Paris : Hermes

Scotto, C, Bringoux, L., Bourdin, C., Sarlegna, F & Mestre, D.R. (2011). Spatial localization investigated by continuous pointing during visual and gravitoinertial changes. Experimental Brain Research, 215, 173-182.

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