Selected Publications from 2019

Diane Dewez, Rebecca Fribourg, Ferran Argelaguet Sanz, Ludovic Hoyet, Daniel Mestre, et al.. Influence of Personality Traits and Body Awareness on the Sense of Embodiment in Virtual Reality.ISMAR 2019 - 18th IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality, Oct 2019,Beijin, China. pp.1-12. hal-02385783

Ochs, M., Mestre, D.R., De Montcheuil, G., Pergandi, J.M., Saubesty, J., Lombardo, E., Francon, D., Blache, P. Training doctors’ social skills to break bad news: Evaluation of the impact of virtual environment displays on the sense of presence. Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces, Springer, 2019, Volume 13, Issue 1, pp 41–51. 〈hal-01907595〉

Ochs, M., Blache, P., De Montcheuil, G., Pergandi, J.M., Bertrand, R., Saubesty, J., Francon, D., Mestre, D.R. The Acorformed Corpus: Investigating Multimodality in Human-Human and Human-Virtual Patient Interactions. CLARIN-2018, Pisa, Italy. 〈hal-01907582〉

Zappa, A., Bolger, D., Pergandi, J.M., Mallet, P., Dubarry, A.S., Mestre, D.R., Frenck-Mestre, C. Motor resonance during linguistic processing as shown by EEG in a naturalistic VR environment, Brain and Cognition, 134, 2019, pp. 44-57,

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