Selected Publications from 2015

Scotto di Cesare, C., Malacuso, T., Mestre, D.R., Bringoux, L. (2015). Slow changing postural cues cancel visual field dependence on self-tilt detection. Gait & Posture, 41, 198-202.

Mestre, D.R. (2015). On the usefulness of the concept of presence in virtual reality applications. Proceedings SPIE 2015, The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality 2015, in press.

Deniaud, C., Honnet, V, Jeanne, B. & Mestre, D.R. (2015). The concept of “presence” used as a measure for ecological validity in driving simulators. Journal of Interaction Science, 3, 1-13.

Torok, A., Mestre, D.R., Honbolygo, F., Mellet, P., Pergandi, J.M. & Csepe, V. (2015). It sounds real when you see it. Realistic sound source simulation in multimodal virtual environments. Journal of Multimodal User Interfaces, 1-9.

Serino, S., Mestre, D., Mallet, P., Pergandi, J.M., Cipresso, P., Riva, G. (2015). Don’t get lost in translation: the role of egocentric heading in spatial orientation. Neuroscience Letters, 602, 84-88.

Chen, W., Ladeveze, N., Clavel, C., Mestre, D & Bourdot, P. (2015). User Cohabitation in Multi-stereoscopic Immersive Virtual Environment for Individual Navigation Tasks. Proceedings IEEEVR 2015, Arles, France

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