Selected Publications from 2023

Florence Paris, Remy Casanova, Marie-Line Bergeonneau, Daniel R. Mestre (2023) Analyzing the effect of expertise on the use of procedural documents during maintenance: a comparative study between experts and novices. Applied Ergonomics (under review)

Eva Di Noia, Marie-Line Bergeonneau, Remy Casanova, Daniel R. Mestre (2023). Realistic manipulations in mixed reality: Application to the aeronautical maintenance review. Proceedings of the 79th Annual Forum & Technology Display, West Palm Beach, FL, USA, May 16-18

Valérian Faure, Jean-Rémy Chardonnet, Daniel Mestre, Fabien Ferlay, Michaël Brochier, Laurent Joblot, Frédéric Merienne, and Claude Andriot (2023). Transfer of Nuclear Maintenance Skills from Virtual Environments to Reality: Toward a Methodological Guide. Human Factors and Simulation, Vol. 83, 2023, 1–9.

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