I am a CNRS Researcher with the Etienne-Jules Marey Institute at the  Aix-Marseille University. Our group studies the mechanics linked to tactile perception. Our approach lies at the intersection of the observation of tactile interaction with high precision devices, the design of haptic interfaces for reproducing realistic tactile sensations and the psychophysical study of human perception.


01/10/2018 We have one opening for an engineer position for 1 year. More details here.
16/06/2018 Corentin and Nicolas have been nominated and won Best Student paper at Eurohaptics 2018. Well deserved congratualtions.
09/04/2018 2 papers accepted for Eurohaptics 2018
09/06/2017 The team had a fantastic Worldhaptics conference in Munich!
16/04/2017 We are looking for a Ph.D. student to investigate signal processing of artificial tactile input
28/03/2017 We have two papers accepted to Worldhaptics 2017
07/12/2016 I gave a talk to the Body and Touch in Robots, Brains and Babies Workshop
08/11/2016 Several Master/Engineering Student positions starting feb 2017 are open
15/09/2016 I presented our lastest results to the ISAT Workshop in Coburg
08/09/2016 Participated to the Workshop on Computational Touch in Paris
02/08/2016 We have 3 openings for 3-year Ph.D. position. Feel free to contact me.
01/08/2016 Our PNAS article on the physics of ultrasonic friction modulation is out
07/07/2016 Jocelyn received the Best Student paper at Eurohaptics 2016. Congratulation !

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