Current projects

ANR project OrigaBot (Origami-based Reconfigurable Robots for Multi-modal Locomotion) 2019 - 2022

Past projects

  • European project CURVACE (ICT-FET Open): Artificial compound eyes
  • Principal investigator of the ANR project IRIS (Intelligent Retina for Innovative Sensing)
  • Project ANR ROBOTEX ROBOTEX : Implementation of a flying arena for robots
  • Project ANR EVA (Autonomous Entomopter) EVA

European project CURVACE (Curved Artificial Compound Eyes)

  • Senior representative of 2 french laboratories: Institut des Sciences du Mouvement ISM et Centre de Physique des Particules de Marseille CPPM
  • Supervisor of the PhD thesis of Raphaël Juston on the retinal micro-movement applied to an artificial compound eye and stabilization in hover
(Left) CurvACE, the first artificial compound eye able to measure, like a flying insect, the apparent velocity of objects as they move across the panoramic eye (right).

ANR project IRIS (Intelligent Retina for Innovative Sensing)

APIS retina (Photo S. Viollet)


  • Principal investigator in charge of the implementation of a big flying arena : 8m x 8m x 6m (height) including 17 VICON cameras (T40S) for the 3D localization of flying robots
  • Co-supervisor with Nicolas Marchand (Gipsa-lab) of the PhD thesis of Augustin Mannecy : Stabilisation in hover based on a gaze-control system
  • Augustin Manecy developed a brand new rapid prototyping tool to program Linux-based embedded target (Gumstix) from the Matlab/Simulink environment : RT-MaG toolbox
X4-MaG quadrotor developed by ISM (Marseille) and Gipsa-Lab (Grenoble) (Picture: A. Manecy)

Project ANR EVA (Autonomous Entomopter) EVA

  • Design and realisation of a miniature optic flow sensor with auto-adaptive pixels
  • Co-supervisor with Franck Ruffier (ISM) of the PhD thesis of Frédéric Roubieu: Pilotage automatique bio-inspiré pour aéroglisseur (robot LORA)
Optic flow sensor (Roubieu et al. 2011)