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J. Monnoyer, E. Diaz, C. Bourdin, M. Wiertlewski (2018) Perception of ultrasonic switches involves large discontinuity of the mechanical impedance  Transactions on Haptics, In press   [PDF]

M. Janko, M. Wiertlewski, Y. Visell. (2018) Contact geometry and mechanics predict friction forces during tactile surface exploration.  Scientific Reports, 8.1: 4868. [PDF]

M. Wiertlewski, R. Fenton Friesen, J.E. Colgate. (2016) Partial squeeze film levitation modulates fingertip friction. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, vol. 113 no. 33, 9210-9215  [PDF]

S. Okamoto, M. Wiertlewski, V. Hayward. (2016) Anticipatory vibrotactile cueing facilitates grip force adjustment during perturbative loading. IEEE Transactions on Haptics, 9(2):233–242  [PDF]

M. Wiertlewski and J.E. Colgate. (2015) Power optimization of ultrasonic friction-modulation tactile interfaces.  IEEE Transactions on Haptics, 8(1):43–53.  [PDF]

A. Klöcker, M. Wiertlewski, V. Theate, V. Hayward, J-L Thonnard. (2013) Physical factors influencing pleasant touch during tactile exploration. PloS One, 8(11), e79085. 2  [PDF]

M. Wiertlewski, V. Hayward. (2012) Mechanical Behavior of the Fingertip in the Range of Frequencies and Displacements Relevant to Touch. Journal of Biomechanics 45(11):1869–1874  [PDF]

M. Wiertlewski, V. Hayward. (2012) Transducer For Mechanical Impedance Testing over a Wide Frequency Range. Review of Scientific Instruments. 83(2):025001  [PDF]

M. Wiertlewski, J. Lozada, and V. Hayward. (2011) The Spatial Spectrum of Tangential Skin Displacement Can Encode Tactual Texture. IEEE Transactions on Robotics, 27(3):461–472 [PDF]

Peer-reviewed Conferences

N. Huloux, J. Monnoyer, M. Boyron, M. Wiertlewski (2018) Overcoming fingertip friction variability with surface haptics force-feedback, In proc. of Eurohaptics 2018, pp. 326–337 [PDF] (Best Student Paper award) 

C. Bernard, J. Monnoyer, M. Wiertlewski (2018) Harmonious textures: The perceptual dimensions of synthetic sinusoidal gratings, In proc. of Eurohaptics 2018, pp.685–695 [PDF] (Nominated for the Best Student Paper award) 

J. Monnoyer, E. Diaz, C. Bourdin, M. Wiertlewski (2017) Optimal Skin Impedance Promotes Perception of Ultrasonic Switches. In proc. of Worldhaptics Conference 2017, pp. 130-135 [PDF]

R. Fenton Friesen, M. Wiertlewski, M. A. Peshkin and J.E. Colgate. (2017) The Contribution of Air to Ultrasonic Friction Reduction. In proc. of Worldhaptics Conference 2017, pp. 517-522 [PDF]

J. Monnoyer, E. Diaz, C. Bourdin, M. Wiertlewski (2016) Ultrasonic Friction Modulation While Pressing Induces a Tactile Feedback. In proc. of Eurohaptics 2016, pp. 171–179. [PDF] (Best Student Paper award) 

M. Wiertlewski. (2016) Haptic feedback: from force-reflecting robots to tactile interfaces. In proc. Actuator 2016 [PDF] (keynote paper) 

R. Fenton Friesen, M. Wiertlewski, and J.E. Colgate. (2016) The Role of Damping in Ultrasonic Friction Reduction. In proc. of Haptics Symposium, 2016, pp. 67–172.  [PDF]

R. Fenton Friesen, M. Wiertlewski, M. A. Peshkin and J.E. Colgate. (2015) Bioinspired Artificial Fingertips that Exhibit Friction Reduction when Subjected to Transverse Ultrasonic Vibrations. In proc. of Worldhaptics 2015, pp. 208-213 [PDF] (Best Presentation Award and Nominated for Best Paper) 

M. Wiertlewski, D. Leonardis, D.J. Meyer, M. Peshkin, J.E. Colgate. (2014) A High-Fidelity Surface-Haptic Device for Texture Rendering on Bare Finger. In proc. of Eurohaptics 2014, pp. 241-248. [PDF]

D.J. Meyer, M. Wiertlewski, M. Peshkin, J.E. Colgate. (2014) Dynamics of Ultrasonic and Electrostatic Friction Modulation for Rendering Texture on Haptic Surfaces. In proc. of Haptics Symposium, 2014, pp. 63-67. [PDF]

M. Wiertlewski, S. Endo, A. Wing, V. Hayward. (2013) Slip-Induced Vibration Influences the Grip Reflex: A Pilot Study. In proc. of IEEE, Worldhaptics 2013, pp. 627-632.  [PDF]

S. Okamoto, M. Wiertlewski, V. Hayward. (2013) Anticipatory Vibrotactile Cueing Facilitates Grip Force Adjustment. In proc. of IEEE, Worldhaptics 2013, pp. 525-530.  [PDF]

S. Strachan, M. Wiertlewski, H. Zophoniasson, M. Anastassova. (2013) ViPong: Probabilistic Haptic Feed- back for Eyes-Free Interaction. In proc. of IEEE, Worldhaptics 2013, pp. 193-198  [PDF]

C. Hudin, J. Lozada, M. Wiertlewski, V. Hayward. (2012) Tradeoffs In The Application of Time-Reversed Acoustics to Tactile Stimulation. In proc. of Eurohaptics 2012. LNCS 7283, Part I, pp. 218-226. [PDF] (Best Paper Honorable Mention) 

M. Wiertlewski, C. Hudin, V. Hayward. (2011) On the 1/f Noise and Non-Integer Harmonic Decay of the Interaction of a Finger Sliding on Flat and Sinusoidal Surfaces. In proc. of IEEE World Haptics 2011, pages 25-30 [PDF] (Nominated for Best paper and Best student paper) 

M. Wiertlewski, J. Lozada, E. Pissaloux, and V. Hayward. (2010) Causality Inversion in the Reproduction of Roughness. In proc. of Europhaptics 2010, pages 17–24 Springer-Verlag, LNSC 6192 [PDF] (Best paper award) 

M. Wiertlewski, J. Lozada, E. Pissaloux, and V. Hayward. (2010) Tactile Interface for Stimulation of Fingertip via Lateral Traction. In proc. of Actuators 2010, pages 520–523, 2010  [PDF]

E. Fontaine, R. Velazquez, M. Wiertlewski, and E. Pissaloux. (2006) Experimental evaluation of a new touch stimulating interface dedicated to information display for visually impaired. In proc. of ECVHI 2006, pages 55–60 

R. Velazquez, E. Pissaloux, and M. Wiertlewski. (2006) A Compact Tactile Display for the Blind with Shape Memory Alloys. In proc. of IEEE Int. Conference on Robotics and Automation ICRA 2006, pages 3905–3910 3  


C. Hudin, V. Hayward, J. Lozada, M. Wiertlewski. Time-reversal tactile stimulation interface. French patent, (FR 12/55286), and international patent (WO/2013/182611) 

M. Wiertlewski, V. Hayward, J. Lozada, System for simulating a contact with a surface by tactile stimulation. french patent (FR 10/55479) and international patent (WO/2012/004214)

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