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Mise à jour : 22 mai 2015

Evin M., Pibarot P., Guivier-Curien C., Tanne D., Kadem L., Rieu R. Localized transvalvular pressure gradients in mitral bileaflet mechanical heart valves and impact on gradient overestimation by Doppler. in Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography vol. 26(7), pp. 791-800

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Le Corroller T., Pithioux M., Chaari F., Rosa B., Parratte S., Maurel B., Argenson J.N., Champsaur P., Chabrand P., 2013, Bone texture analysis is correlated with three-dimensional microarchitecture and mechanical properties of trabecular bone in osteoporotic femurs, Journal of Bone and Mineral Metabolism vol. 31, pp. 82-88

Mathieu S, Jeanneau C, Sheibat-Othman N, Kalaji N, Fessi H, About I., 2013, Usefulness of controlled release of growth factors in investigating the early events of dentin-pulp regeneration, Journal of Endodontics vol. 39(2), pp. 228-35.